April 19, 2015

Job Board for Desktop/Mobile/Hybrid

tradescraftOne of the projects that we have launched in the past 2 years is a job board, (TradesCraft.com). A desktop interface, Mobile Web and Mobile app interfaces for job seekers, employers and admins. If you are looking to release a custom job board or application tracking system, take a look at some of the features below or give us a call if you want to setup a demo.

Job Seeker Features:
  • Job seekers can easily signup to the system within 30 seconds using social media or regular forms
  • Users can search for jobs based on a mapping system and keywords
  • Specify Skill-sets from a master list of trades
  • receive push notification when a job becomes available in the system matching your criteria
  • specify in the mobile app if you are currently looking for work or you are working with the switch of toggle
  • Upload resume (our resume reader will extract information and create searchable employment history in users profile)
  • Specify geographical locations that job seekers wants to work in for job matching and notifications
  • Specify job email notifications preferences (no emails, weekly, monthly, daily)
  • Search jobs by location, trade or keywords
  • Access training resources and course lists
  • Share jobs with social media accounts
  • Add users in the system as contacts
  • VouchFor other co-workers in the system
  • Specify work preferences such as shift work, in country relocation, out of country relocation
  • add certifications and degree information
An Employer Can:
  • Post jobs (job code, details, skills required, location, vacancies, …)
  • Search resumes in the system matching your job requirements and download resumes
  • Accept applications from the system (jobs that job seekers find on the website, their job match dashboard, or email notifications)
  • add training resources and receive view/click statistics
  • receive weekly email reports on candidate availability, applications and view
  • Employers can specify a redirect URL so that job applications be redirected to a different system upon submission
  • Mobile app portal for employers so they can manage jobs, post jobs and review applicants on a mobile phone.

Administrator Features:

  • Oversee profiles for employers and job seekers
  • Import jobs from scripts
  • Manage payment information
  • Manage master list of trades, cities, locations, etc.
  • Run reports
  • Track KPIs (signups, marketing costs)
  • and many more