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Using Technology To Streamline Your Business

From inception to success, technology can be used to help create, run and perfect your business practices from A-Z. Here are some great examples of companies, software and other technology solutions that can help both established and start-up companies. We have previously spoken about developing technology but today we are going to go over some Read more about Using Technology To Streamline Your Business[…]

Boosting Your Revenue with Mobile Enterprise Apps

As mentioned briefly in our article about Mobile Data Management, allowing your employees to use their mobile devices in a BYOD environment can greatly improve efficiency. When combined with simple and powerful enterprise apps, an employee’s device can become a powerful tool; improving not only worker efficiency, but helping your business in many other ways Read more about Boosting Your Revenue with Mobile Enterprise Apps[…]

Creating Apps for Wearable Devices

Wearable smart-devices are probably the fastest-growing technology in today’s market: from watches and jewelry, to fitness trackers and VR / AR rigs. Recent developments include: wearable “patches” that can track everything from your baby’s development (during pregnancy) to your blood sugar or skin hydration, which can be designed to look like stylish temporary tattoos; and Read more about Creating Apps for Wearable Devices[…]

Securing App Data in Transit

App security is becoming more important as time passes, both due to the prevalence of their use, and the exploitation of apps by malicious parties. One of the greatest threats to app data is the use of “man-in-the-middle” attacks, in which data is intercepted while in transit (from the app to a server, or from Read more about Securing App Data in Transit[…]

Stepping Through the Mobile-app Development Process

For both individuals and businesses, creating your first app can often seem a daunting task. Though the process certainly takes a commitment of effort and time, a well-planned product and a competent development team can help to minimize any hiccups along the way. Though many sources differ on the number (and order) of steps that Read more about Stepping Through the Mobile-app Development Process[…]

iBeacons vs. Eddystone: Which One to Use in Mobile App Development Projects

First announced by Apple in 2013, iBeacons are a beacon format that allows a Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) device to interact natively with iOS apps, and to interact similarly with Android apps as well. Google did not announce their own format, called Eddystone, until 2015. Though a relative latecomer to the world of beacons, the Eddystone Read more about iBeacons vs. Eddystone: Which One to Use in Mobile App Development Projects[…]

Mobile App UI (User Interface) vs UX (User Experience)

Although these two terms are often used interchangeably when discussing mobile app (or other types of app or website) development, there is an important distinction between the two. UI stands for User Interface. In short, the UI is the system through which the user of your app or website will be able to interact with Read more about Mobile App UI (User Interface) vs UX (User Experience)[…]

How Much Will It Cost to Develop My Mobile App?

Any company that develops mobile applications will tell you that the question asked most frequently by clients is the trickiest one to answer: how much will the creation of a mobile app cost? Although we’ve already touched on a lot of the factors that can affect the relative cost of development, we will explore the Read more about How Much Will It Cost to Develop My Mobile App?[…]

Mobile Operating Systems

As we’ve discussed, the majority of apps are either being produced in native formats for (one or more) specific mobile operating systems, or in a hybrid format to be deployed across multiple platforms at once. So far we’ve focused on the time and costs associated with each option, as well as the evolution of hybrid Read more about Mobile Operating Systems[…]

The Evolution of Ionic Cross-Platform Mobile Application Developement

Last time we discussed the advantages of some of the different approaches to mobile app development: the html5-based hybrid app, the cross-platform native (or pure-hybrid) app, and native development for a specific operating system. Ionic is one technology used in html5 hybrids. It is an open-source kit that is built on AngularJS and Apache Cordova, Read more about The Evolution of Ionic Cross-Platform Mobile Application Developement[…]