April 16, 2011

About Us

Over 25 years of experience

Our founders have been in the software industry since the beginning of the internet, working for large and small companies and finding solutions to various complex problems. Together with our talented developers, we offer more than a quarter century of hands-on knowledge.

Efficiency is key

We believe in using the tools that best suit the task – passing on savings of both time and money to our clients.

Constant training and education

We work hard to stay up to date with new technology, innovations in the development process and trends in order to create relevant and current products.

App, Software & Web Applications

In our experience, we have seen everything from ASP.Net to Xamarin (Of course we couldn’t think of anything that started with a “Z”!) Currently we prefer working with Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python or .NET, depending on the nature of the project.

Locally owned and operated

Established in Edmonton – we are a small company with big talent. Our offices are accessible to our clients with a convenient south-side location and you can take pride in supporting local!

We are located in the Advanced Technology Centre by South Edmonton Common.

Advanced Technology Centre
Suite 122, 9650-20 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada

You can contact us at 780-669-0944