Creating Apps for Wearable Devices

Wearable smart-devices are probably the fastest-growing technology in today’s market: from watches and jewelry, to fitness trackers and VR / AR rigs. Recent developments include: wearable “patches” that can track everything from your baby’s development (during pregnancy) to your blood sugar or skin hydration, which can be designed to look like stylish temporary tattoos; and Read more about Creating Apps for Wearable Devices[…]

Securing App Data in Transit

App security is becoming more important as time passes, both due to the prevalence of their use, and the exploitation of apps by malicious parties. One of the greatest threats to app data is the use of “man-in-the-middle” attacks, in which data is intercepted while in transit (from the app to a server, or from Read more about Securing App Data in Transit[…]

Stepping Through the Mobile-app Development Process

For both individuals and businesses, creating your first app can often seem a daunting task. Though the process certainly takes a commitment of effort and time, a well-planned product and a competent development team can help to minimize any hiccups along the way. Though many sources differ on the number (and order) of steps that Read more about Stepping Through the Mobile-app Development Process[…]